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The first ever Customer Relationship Builder Solution

centered on learning from others and with others

in a non-competitive mindset community.

Now Accepting New Members

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Simply designed light-year ahead from other traditional CRMs

by integrating a marketing funnel flow and story scripts

designed to build customers relationships in a new way.

Give your business the tools and the community to thrive.

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Start your business

with an Innovating SaaS Customer Relationship Builder Engine

and a Community Dedicated to your Endeavor

An experience beautifully designed in the most simple way.

Marketing Scripts to tell your unique brand story and raise from the crowd.

Weekly standup meetings to stay motivated toward your goals.

The Flow buckets bring "relationship" into your relations. 

A set of features to save you time and give your mind space.

Expert CMOs and CROs dedicated to your success.



Choose your membership and receive valuable access

to a non-competitive community of members.

Proud member of Seeds and other digital currencies.



Suggested fee: $25/month per person

Members are typically in the development phase of their business and do not have yet an online presence. They might have just a handful of clients and are focused on defining their sales and market approach.


Suggested fee: $85/month for up to 2 people

Members are generating revenue and are now getting organized to reach the next level: an authentic crafted brand story to rise above the crowd and build key differentiation and trusted relationships with the help of a Marketing Executive.


Suggested fee: $165/month for up to 3 people


Members are typically in a small team and are ready to explore a new expansion with the support of a monthly team meeting led by a sales and marketing executive and a coach.


Sales can be an intimidating process, made even more difficult by the current lack of in-person networking opportunities.

Imagine starting your business supported by a group of people who want you to thrive.


AO Deck is a SaaS customer relationship engine and a community dedicated to your endeavor.


Our team of marketing experts, with years of experience in a range of industries, designed the ground-breaking CRB, Customer Relationships Builder, a concept to foster authentic relationships with both your clients and a user group community of other businesses.


Our team and community are grounded in social responsibility and ethical, mindful leadership and we work with leaders and organizations driven to build trustworthy, artful, and evolving businesses. As a SEEDS member, we believe in providing tools, systems and support for all of us to co-create a thriving world.



“Absolutely terrific! I think it's a powerful tool that is extremely helpful, and the support and insight I've had the opportunity to experience is always appreciated.”


“It was enjoyable to connect with other founders and hear their stories. I found the weekly stand-up meeting to be useful and interesting.”


“It’s a very good program to keep your outreach focused and targeted. I felt supported and think that AO DECK would be a benefit to anyone who is actively working on outreach.

Keep it up!”





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